music production for songwriters

We offer custom written music arrangements, backing tracks and
vocal recordings for songwriters, composers and video creators.

  • 1 - What We Do

    Whether it's one song, a complete musical soundtrack or a whole album, we will manage and take care of your project from start to finish. You will be continuously updated and consulted as things progress, leaving you free to enjoy the results without the headaches.

  • 2 - Getting Started

    You only need to send us a rough demo of your idea, or just a reference track, and we will arrange and record it to your instructions. If the idea of sorting out arrangements, booking musicians and organising and producing recording sessions fills you with dread, then leave it all to us. We can also help you out if you're stuck for ideas by offering suggestions to develop your material to its best.

  • 3 - Going Ahead

    Once you've decided to go ahead, we'll send you a Paypal invoice for a 50% deposit.
    When the tracks is complete we will send you a link to listen to it for your approval. Following any changes - and only when you are totally happy with the track - we will send you the final payment invoice and the high quality master files.

Backing Track & Vocal

300 350 400

A professional quality backing track arrangement and recording complete with a vocal from our selection of professional session singers. You can hear a demo of each singer before making your choice. We can also arrange and record vocal harmony parts for a small additional fee. Mixing and mastering are included in the cost.

Backing Track & Vocal Showreel

Backing Track

200 250 280

A professional quality backing track arrangement and recording. Typically consisting of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and percussion, with orchestral instruments if needed. Every instrument's arrangement is custom written and hand played, with the option of a printable score. Mixing and mastering are included in the cost.

Backing Track Showreel

Musical Score

From 230 300 320

A custom written arrangement and professional quality recording to suit your instrumentation needs. Consisting of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and any orchestral instruments as needed. A pdf score and stem tracks can also be supplied. Mixing and mastering are included in the cost.

Musical Score Showreel

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Custom Soundtrack For Your Video Or App

From 230 300 320

Custom-scored music has the benefit of precisely fitting both the action in the video and the company’s brand, providing a huge advantage over working with stock library music. A custom soundtrack will give added value and emotional impact to your work.

Blue Marmalade Logo

"We really like the track you put together and think you hit the nail on the head first time with it."

Trent Jennings (Blue Marmalade)

Soundtrack Showreel